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We are a multidisciplinary architecture studio based out of Mohali. Our specialization includes bespoke projects across the verticals of residential, commercial & hospitality. With our deep focus on “design as-a-story”, we have successfully handed over more than 100+ projects across multiple categories Designing in ways that weaves around the art of novelistic storytelling with a formidable & grandesque point of view. Be it ARCHITECTURE OR INTERIOR DESIGN, the use of the unknown & the untried is synonymous with GKSA’s design language.

Founded in 2018 by Gourav Gupta as a multidisciplinary architecture studio, the India based company is quickly evolving into an interdisciplinary lifestyle brand that is geared towards leading the contemporary design conversation. With our deep focus on “design as-a-story”, we have successfully handed over more than 100+ projects across RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & HOSPITALITY destinations.

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Creativity and Design: We have the opportunity to be creative and express their artistic vision through designing buildings, structures, and spaces. They have the power to shape the built environment and create beautiful and functional designs that can inspire and improve people’s lives.

Problem-Solving: Architects are problem solvers. They are trained to analyze complex requirements and constraints, such as site conditions, budget limitations, building codes, and user needs. They must find innovative solutions that meet these requirements while creating a space that is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Impact on Society: Architects have a significant impact on society. The buildings and spaces they design can shape the way people live, work, and interact. Architects have the opportunity to create sustainable and environmentally friendly designs that contribute to a healthier planet. They can also design structures that enhance communities and promote social interaction.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Architects often work as part of a team that includes engineers, contractors, and other professionals. They collaborate with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs and aspirations. Architects must effectively communicate their ideas and work together with others to bring a project to fruition. This collaborative aspect of the profession can be rewarding and allows for diverse perspectives to be incorporated into the design process.

Continuous Learning: Architecture is a field that requires lifelong learning. Architects must stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and materials. This ongoing learning process keeps the profession dynamic and allows architects to continually improve their skills and stay at the forefront of design innovation.

Personal Fulfillment: For many architects, the profession is a source of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. The ability to see their designs come to life, positively impact communities, and leave a lasting legacy can be incredibly rewarding.

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You may meet us over a cup of coffee and discuss your project. Call us at 87288 56085. Our head office is located in Mohali, and We have opened our latest office in Delhi.


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