Dreamland Signature Walk

Dreamland Signature Walk
Location – Sec-115, Area = 2.2 Acres

The Dreamland Signature Walk project is situated in the Kharar-Landran Road area, specifically in Sector 115 of Kharar, SAS Nagar. It stands out as one of the most expansive and well-organized commercial spaces in the Kharar region. This modern commercial center has been meticulously planned to meet the increasing demands of the burgeoning young population residing in suburban Kharar, which has transformed into a prominent educational hub over the past ten years. Upon completion, it is anticipated that the project will accommodate a daily footfall ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 individuals.

The Dreamland Signature Walk project spans over 2.2 acres of land, with a total built-up area of 1.51 lakh square feet. 

This development comprises 40 SCO’s (Shop-cum-Offices) with dimensions of 15’x60′ each. These SCO’s are four stories high, with a height of 15 meters and feature an 8-foot-wide corridor. The lower and upper ground floors are designated for retail and F&B (Food and Beverage) brands, while the upper two floors are allocated for offices, coaching institutions, gyms, and similar uses. Additionally, the terrace area has been reserved for bars, clubs, open-air restaurants, and various entertainment activities.

The project incorporates a central parking space for convenience. Furthermore, there is a separate section dedicated to small food and retail kiosks strategically located near the entry and exit points. Additionally, two small community spaces have been created at the main entrance points to host small social events and gatherings.

The building’s façade showcases a contemporary design theme, featuring materials such as glass, ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel), M.S (Mild Steel) tubes, and corten steel Jalis, giving it a modern and attractive appearance.