Grande Paraiso

Grande Paraiso
Location – Talwara, Punjab
Area = 10400 sq ft

Grande Paraiso is a multifunctional project encompassing both hospitality and commercial spaces, boasting a generous built-up area of 20,000 sq.ft. The ground floor of this establishment features an exquisite fine dining restaurant and a bar, complemented by an inviting outdoor seating area. The first and second floors are dedicated to hotel accommodations.

Notably, the building boasts a distinctive translucent and breathable façade, artfully constructed using steel mesh and FRP panels. This unique choice of materials adds an element of intrigue to the exterior while allowing for natural ventilation and light penetration.

The architectural design of Grande Paraiso is characterized by its simplicity and warm welcome. While the elevation may be modest in terms of ornate decorations, it excels in maintaining the privacy and security of its guests, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for all who visit.