Residence Baweja's

Residence Baweja’s
Location – Kurali, Punjab
Area = 625 sq yards

This project encompasses an area of 625 square yards, where the client’s request is to transform their traditional villa into a contemporary residence. The new design is characterized by clean, straight lines, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. It features flat roofs, geometric shapes, and a focus on unadorned facades. The objective is to achieve a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The renovated residence is designed to maximize natural light with the inclusion of large windows. To add richness and texture to the elevation, natural wood is used. Additionally, stone cladding is employed to infuse a sense of opulence and timeless appeal into the exterior. Structural elements predominantly utilize steel due to its sleek and minimalist aesthetic, which complements modern design principles.

In the rear backyard of the house, there is an exquisitely designed pergola accompanied by a deck, creating a serene space accentuated by ambient lighting. Additionally, a captivating water fountain graces the area, surrounded by an abundance of lush park-like plantations.

In the front yard, contemporary landscaping elements have been thoughtfully incorporated to enhance the overall curb appeal of the property.