The Lilly's - Punjabi Bistro

The Lilly’s – Punjabi Bistro,
Location – Ropar, Punjab,
Area = 2100 sq ft

The Lilly’s – Punjabi Bistro project involves a comprehensive overhaul of the existing restaurant within Lilly’s motel, located in Ropar, Punjab. This endeavor encompasses a built-up area spanning 2100 sq. ft. and can accommodate up to 80 guests.

The client’s vision is to revamp the entire interior to cater to the preferences of the younger demographic. The central concept is to cultivate an ambiance reminiscent of the outdoors, enveloping patrons in lush greenery. To enhance the perception of spaciousness, the ceiling has been left exposed, featuring suspended wooden fixtures. Indoor decorative plants have also been incorporated to infuse a natural element.

The wall design includes mirror cladding on one side, creating an illusion of expansiveness. On the opposite wall, we’ve employed MDF and WPC panels adorned with profile lights and neon signage. Moroccan tiles have been utilized for the flooring to introduce an intriguing contrast to the overall decor.

Our objective is to establish a welcoming space where individuals of all age groups can socialize and relish live music along with delectable culinary offerings.