District Court Complex

District Court Complex
Location – SBS Nagar, Punjab
Area = 12.56 acres, Competition Entry

The central objective of this project is to design and construct a district court complex that serves as a secure, efficient, and accessible venue for legal proceedings, while also emanating an aura of authority, dignity, and professionalism. We have chosen stone cladding as the primary building material to convey a sense of solidity and gravitas. This material ensures the facade’s durability and requires minimal maintenance, reinforcing the enduring character of the complex.

In our design, we have placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that the complex is easily accessible to the public. This includes the provision of ample parking facilities and accessible public transportation options, underscoring our commitment to convenience and inclusivity.

Furthermore, our approach to landscaping incorporates elements such as lush lawns, stately trees, and well-manicured shrubs. Courtyards and green spaces adorned with fountains soften the architectural lines, creating an inviting and harmonious approach to the complex. These outdoor areas not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also provide tranquil spaces for relaxation, fostering a welcoming and serene atmosphere.