Residence AP 202

Velocity Restrobar
Location – Sector109, Emaar, Mohali
Area – 400 sq. yards

This residence is situated in the Emaar sector-109  of Mohali, this residence spans an area of 400 square yards. The design approach revolves around infusing contemporary architectural elements and aesthetics into the facade, creating a blend of style and functionality.

The design philosophy emphasizes clean, straight lines and adopts a minimalist perspective, intentionally avoiding excessive ornamentation. This approach diverges from traditional design concepts and embraces a diverse range of innovative approaches and aesthetics.

To enhance the visual impact of the house, dramatic strips of warm lighting, highlighters, and uplighters have been strategically placed on the elevation.

These elements accentuate both horizontal and vertical design rhythms. Furthermore, stone cladding has been integrated to add a touch of opulence and timeless charm to the exterior.

Large windows are thoughtfully incorporated throughout the residence, ensuring abundant natural light floods the interior spaces, creating an inviting and well-lit atmosphere.