Residence Mahajan's

Residence Mahajan’s
Location – Pathankot, Punjab
Area = 500 sq yards

This residence, occupying 500 square yards in Pathankot, spans across three floors. Notably, the second floor is entirely dedicated to entertainment, featuring a swimming pool, a bar, a cricket pitch, and courtyards with double-height spaces.

 The architectural style is distinctly contemporary, marked by modern design elements.The facade is characterized by a skillful blend of various materials, adding depth and visual intrigue to the structure. The windows are framed with a sleek design, maintaining a minimalist profile while fulfilling functions such as optimizing natural light, establishing a visual connection between the interior and exterior, and providing picturesque views of the surroundings. Asymmetrical design elements contribute a unique touch of individuality, and the overall design prioritizes clean, uncluttered lines to achieve a sleek and elegant aesthetic.